I am a self confessed makeup addict,  I love trying out new products, scoping out new ideas and colours BUT the student life has been hit me in the god damn face the funds aren’t exactly rolling in. It feels as though Chi Chi’s new brushes are staring me in the face… teasing me. With so many products to try and so little funds these are the tips I use when there is a product I want to buy. Hope it is helpful



You can pay anywhere from $50-$120 for a high end department store for a product that may not even work for you or that you will like(YIKES) . People tend to forget, that the way you apply your makeup equates to the finish product, not nessicarily the amount you spend.  When it comes to any skill, including makeup, sticking at it with practise and patience will go along way. Learning how to apply the product and makeup you can look much more professional on a budget. Learning with affordable products also helps with the WHYYY factor of $50 on an eyeliner that runs out after 3 months. When using affordable low end brands you can wipe off the product,start again, break or lose it with out the guilt.

Some fantastic easy to follow YouTube tutorials on how to apply makeup are:


When you buy a product take into consideration its counter uses. You get 2 or 3 uses of the one product. Some Ideas can be:

  • Using a touch of lipstick as a cream blush
  • Brown eyebrow pencil as eyeliner
  • Shimmery eyeshadow as a highlight
  • Light pink Eyeshadow as blush
  • Moisturiser to a foundation as a BB cream
  • Cream eyeshadow as gel liner




Reading reviews and looking up swatches of the desired product(s) is a great way to get a second opinion to see if it would really suit you or not. Often I find people want a new product because of a trend and get caught up in the hype of the product. websites such as Makeup Alley are fantastic for getting other people’s honest and true opinion to know if the product is really worth the money.

As well as asking for samples/testers/demo of the product, particularly if it is a product you may only want for an occasion that you may not use it often after wards. In a sample there is  generally enough for a few applications.


If you have never heard of a dupe before, boy is your makeup game going to change! A dupe (duplicate) is an alternative to a more expensive product, the product elements including colour, formula and finish. There are many photos, videos and reviews comparing the affordable with the high end product. Affordable makeup has stepped up it’s game and some has become on par or even better than the expensive high end product.  A lot of the time the smaller ‘low end’ brands are made under the same parent company as the higher end brands, meaning a lot of the ingredients are similar.  With a lot of the dupes that i own I actually like using the affordable option more because not only can i be more free with it , but I can justify buying it too!


Article from Modernquinceranera: Dupe examples


5.  GLAMBOT is an awesome website, it’s kind of like hygienic second hand thrift shopping but for makeup! All makeup is checked and goes through various processes before it gets put up for sale to ensure you aren’t getting  counterfeits, items arriving damaged or in unusable condition. There are 60 brands featured on the website include : Anastasia, Benefit, I.T Cosmetics, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Elizabeth Arden , Chanel, Tom Ford, Colourpop , Estee lauder , Kat Von D, Kevyn Aucion, Marc Jacobs, Koh Gen Do, Nars, Sigma, YSL.

I haven’t brought from them (yet) but the concept is fantastic and if you have unwanted makeup that fits the criteria you can send it in and get paid for it too!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 21.32.29
GLAMBOT brands


This one may seem obvious but people often skip out on sales that occur. Particually with pharmacy and lower end brands (PharmaSave, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse) There are sales on at least every month of some kind. Whenever events or holidays such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, even Melbourne Cup they had sales. The sales can be up to 50% which can sometimes mean that stock is low, so give them a call to hold the product to make sure you’ve got it.


As my makeup expands, I really have to think about if the product that I want isn’t one that is similar to a product I already own and love. Sometimes it can be hard to remember if it is close, so I take a picture or lookup swatches of the products that I have to refer to before contemplating my fate.


Issy xx

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