Where Do I Buy makeup?

A question that I constantly get asked is “Where can I buy makeup / product x ? I don’t want to spend $50  on one tiny lipstick or foundation that I barely will get any wear out of.

Well lovely humans , do not stress your sparkly magestic souls. Makeup DOES NOT I repeat DOES NOT need to cost a weeks rent. 90% of my makeup supply for myself and my kit is from Pharmacies.  As a university student and creative being, I am not at the ability to be spending money every week to test out and review new products , trends, let alone spend my non existant spare $50 on a product at any given time. 99 times out of 100 I put thought and time into what I buy, if I need it VS want it.

My Favourite Affordable brands that can be found in most local pharmacies:

Covergirl, Loreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel,


Chemist Warehouse



Big W

  • seasonal discounts and sales
  • Specialises in brands Boe Beauty, Face of Australia, Australis, Barry M, Nude by Nature


  • seasonal discounts and sales
  • Specialises in brands BYS, ELF, OXX, Australis

Why do I have Pharmacy brands/drugstore brands in my kit…isn’t that ‘unprofessional’

well… I have found that there a quite a few products on the market from highend brands that , how do I say this …… are crapoooola.

the quality of pharmacy brands have improved and really gotten incredible quality, ingredients, standrdds. I have found more affordable brands have become more consumer friendly and diverse interms of shade range, ingredients, becoming ethical, Cruelty free, Vegan, more affordable pricepoint, thus makeing them more accesable to people in nomatter where you live, income and age. there isn’t an exclusive prestigious club that some higher-end brands hold.

Therefore showing when I do a clients face, yes it may be beautiful and luxuious to use $500+ worth of products of their face however for a 13 year old to recreate that for a concert, party or formal it is unreasonble. I’m hoping to show people that they can create their own glam and fabulousness without giving up their arm and leg.

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